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Floral carving with Steve Mecum

Aproximately 27 minutes of fine point narative on tooling the floral style with Master Saddle-Maker and leather artist Steve Mecum

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Sheridan Style Tooling with Keith Valley
DVD with shipping options

This Sheridan Style DVD takes you through a detailed step by step of Valleys' Sheridan Style techniques. Also included is a copy of the tooling pattern designed for this video.
Sheridan Style Tooling with Keith Valley

DVD with shipping options

What are folks saying about this instructional DVD?

Dear Mr. Valley,
Thank you very much for your floral tooling DVD. I am really finding it invaluable in the process of learning to flower tool. Although I still have a very long way to go, I am beginning to produce some tooling that is getting closer to what I am trying to achieve, and the whole process is becoming more enjoyable than it is stressful. I have attached a photo of a small piece I tooled yesterday. It is a cinch leather front piece and the flower is about 1-1/2" in diameter.

Floral tooling from a student of our DVD instructional video

Thanks again and all the best. Yours Sincerely,
S. Freshwater - Australia

Great DVD!
A great tutorial thank you.
Do other DVDs please.
thank you !
from Gary
London, England - UK

I just wanted to say thanks again for you're DVD.
Each time I watch it I learn a little more.
I'm still doing at 100% size.

Tooling from student of Keith Valley floral tooling DVD

Manning - Texas USA

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